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How to Keep the Lights on During Severe Weather

September 29, 2016

South Australia was plunged into darkness this week as severe storms hit the region and saw a lengthy state-wide power outage. The power outage had, and is still having, far-reaching effects for individuals, businesses and government organisations.

The major SA power outage reminds us of the dangers of natural disasters and wild weather. In Australia, we’re lucky to not be at the mercy of hurricanes and earthquakes every day, but our weather is far from mild. There are plenty of reasons for Australian organisations to have robust disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) in place.

Imagine if organisations in South Australia could have checked the weather report, seen the storm coming and been able to move their data and applications before the damaging storm hit. This sort of proactive movement of data is impossible with a traditional data centre, of course, but for those organisations embracing virtual, cloud-ready IT environments, it is a reality.

Disaster recovery strategies through a public or hybrid cloud environment allows organisations to be proactive in the face of natural disasters and sever weather. For those situations where predicting natural disasters is not always possible, organisations can react quickly within minutes. Lacking the infrastructure dependencies that prevent easy movement, critical applications can securely live and move between multiple on-premises and cloud environments.

Old ways of protecting IT against natural disasters are no longer adequate in today’s always on business world. Zerto makes it possible to increase resilience against the myriad possibilities and threats facing IT and easily prepare for potential dangers rained upon us by the earth. Zerto can help organisations keep the lights on.