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Achieve IT Resilience – What Can Zerto Do For You?

July 14, 2017

What can Zerto do for you? When you take a look at the graphic that’s been embedded into each blog post in this series, you’ll notice that “Achieve IT Resilience” is one of these ten categories we talk about helping you achieve with a single solution. In reality, the other nine topics included (data center migrations, dev/test, compliance, hybrid cloud, etc) are all actually part of achieving IT Resilience as a whole. What impacts YOUR business today and what needs to happen for you to reduce risks and keep the business running?

IT resilience, or sometimes IT resiliency, is really about maximizing up-time and focusing on the business. IT needs to run at the speed of business in order to maintain the ever-tightening SLAs required with satisfying a demanding global customer and employee base running 24×7.

Let’s summarize a couple of key scenarios in order to paint the picture of protecting the business from all angles. What seem like minor disruptions to one group or organization within your business might cause critical and extended downtime within another.

Data center migrations take lots of resources, planning, testing, maintenance windows, and downtime. By using Zerto’s Virtual Replication (ZVR), you can prove the migration’s success before performing the actual migration. Prove and document the time it takes, including downtime, recovery time, and the lack of time needed post-recovery because the applications just work as expected — without loss. These maintenance windows drastically shrink, and unexpected outages no longer surprise you, extending downtime.

DR testing takes a huge amount of resources, maintenance windows, subject matter experts, nights and weekends….! This is why DR testing doesn’t ever get done. This is why there are surprises during a real disaster recovery event when pieces haven’t been tested, or the experts haven’t practiced the recovery in a while (because they have day jobs, too). Test any time, know what to expect, and prove DR testing compliance with automated reporting after each test. Stay practiced, without the experts involved, by performing these tests any time and get your weekends back, too!

Check out some of the other blogs in this series highlighting topics such as enabling cloud or technology adoption without disruption — and more. Look through this attachment (“What Can Zerto Do For You“) and consider all of these scenarios that cause you major downtime, data loss, and extreme loss of productivity and negative public exposure. Consider how important each of these areas truly are to your business and understand that we are here to help you with a powerful, yet simple solution, all through a single interface.

Concentrate on maximizing your up-time, delivering IT at the speed of business, and focus on your business instead of worrying so much about running (or recovering) a datacenter. Be resilient to change, quickly drive adoption, and ensure each disruption is now minor or is maybe even resolved before the customer has time to notice it existed.

We look forward to helping you soon!



Harry is a Technology Evangelist at Zerto focusing on driving adoption of Zerto’s enterprise class scalability and agility to organizations of all sizes and sectors, and even across clouds, hypervisors, and platforms. Prior to Zerto, Harry spent more than 8 years at VMware with 5 years in Professional Services as a Senior Consultant architecting and implementing private clouds and major datacenter migrations, and another 3 years in VMware’s Technical Marketing focused on product integration and scalability with the vRealize and vCloud product suites.

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