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In a World Without Zerto, We Might All End Up Being Single

March 20, 2016

Contributed post from Keith Taylor, Zerto Sales Development Rep

Relationships around the world took a hit this week as amorous lovers, both young and old, found themselves suddenly unable to stream their date-night movie on Netflix, unable to find their sought-after matches on Tinder and – to top it all off – unable to buy that beautiful bouquet of flowers (or that bedroom “toy” you thought might re-invigorate things…) for their better half on Amazon.


Such major services such as Amazon, Netflix and Tinder, we as consumers tend to think of as ‘unbreakable’. We plan our days based on the assumption that these services just work, and when they don’t we kick and we scream and we wonder how on earth we survived when we used to have to go down the road to the local video store if we wanted to watch a movie with our other half. But now of course, thanks to our appetite for online content, the video stores are all gone and we rely on technology instead…

Perhaps we don’t even realise how dependent we’ve become on these services until they’re gone. How can any of us ever expect to maintain a relationship if we can’t just “Netflix and chill“…!?!? Fortunately for couples around the world, at the core of everything Zerto does is our belief in “A world of uninterrupted technology for everyone”.

We believe that final episode of the series you’ve been engrossed in should be there, ready for you, whenever you want it.

We believe that if your long-awaited match finally comes up, you shouldn’t have to make them wait to find out how awesome (and potentially desperate) you are.

We believe that if you want to buy that book of poetry, that bouquet of flowers or that intriguing looking ‘toy’ to liven things up, the phrase “Shut up and take my money” really should apply.

Luckily for all of us, there is Zerto – saving relationships everywhere since 2011.