Announcing: NEW Zerto Enterprise Government Edition - Zerto

Announcing: NEW Zerto Enterprise Government Edition

February 5, 2020

As cybercrimes grow more frequent and more severe, organizations across the globe continue to look for ways to improve the security of their data centers. These concerns are of particular importance to governmental organizations, which have the strictest standards for keeping private records and vital operations from being compromised.

In the last year alone, dozens of municipal, state, and federal government agencies have been victims of devastating ransomware attacks. These attacks lead to direct revenue losses, leaked data, damaged reputations, and diminished employee productivity.

As these attacks intensify and cybercriminals continue to evolve, it becomes more imperative than ever for governments to fortify their IT operations and adapt their protocols to mitigate risks.

A New Zerto Edition, Designed with Government in Mind

Zerto is a proven resource for organizations across diverse industries, ensuring the recovery of critical data following a cyberattack. However, to best serve the needs of highly-secure organizations, we have been working tirelessly to develop new capabilities and integrations specifically designed for these demanding environments.

In the past, organizations have been forced to sacrifice performance and simplicity for security. Zerto is here to change that: giving you the security of IT resilience for your highly-secure environment, without cutting performance or adding complexity. We’re focusing on driving innovation with our strategic partners to develop new capabilities and integrations with highly secure customers in mind.

Even more, as we continue to expand the capabilities of our IT Resilience Platform for highly-secure environments—including governments, financial institutions, and healthcare providers—we’re excited to launch a new licensing option built specifically for these types organizations: the Zerto Enterprise Government Edition (EGE), available as either a perpetual or subscription-based license.

Not only does Zerto EGE provide highly-secure environments added tools to comply with stricter security standards, it also includes premium maintenance and support from Zerto. Many Federal Government organizations in the US have specific requirements regarding upkeep and supplier availability: our US-based maintenance and support staff are specially trained to satisfy these requirements, and offer you the peace of mind that only comes with expert care. Find out what government organizations put the protection of their vital applications and DR solutions in the hands of Zerto in this eBook.

Learn More About Zerto EGE

Want to learn more about what Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform can do for your government organization? Download a free trial today or visit our site and discover how Zerto mitigates risks, saves resources, and makes moving easy—all in one elegant package.