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A Perfect Pairing: IT Resilience in the Cloud with Zerto and Microsoft Azure

“Oh, we like disruption,” said no business owner – ever. The need to ensure an uninterrupted, always-on enterprise is a common pressure point that just about every business faces.

Disruption in the flow of business can cause customers to lose confidence and do irreparable damage your brand. However, you can counter the threat of planned and unplanned disruption. One of the goals for maintaining your IT infrastructure – one of your biggest investments, particularly if you’re migrating to the cloud, is to operate with a model of continuous IT Resilience that will create a veritable fortress against downtime and disruption.

Carolyn Seymour, Zerto’s VP of Product Marketing, describes IT resilience this way:

“IT Resilience is an organization’s ability to seamlessly adapt to change while protecting its business and customers from disruptions. Operating as an IT resilient business means you are ready for any type of disruption, planned or unplanned, so that you can mitigate the risk of downtime and data loss. This ultimately provides IT resilient organizations a competitive advantage because less downtime equates to more activity that drives revenue-building transformation.” * 

One challenge that needs to be countered while on the path to IT Resilience is dealing with multiple legacy backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Legacy systems can’t keep up with the speed of your business.

To address this challenge, Zerto’s newest release, Zerto 7 converges disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility into a single platform for IT Resilience.

The solution makes data protection accessible, seamless, and continuous even as your operations change. This latest version provides a single, simple, and scalable platform that delivers a continuous, always-on customer experience that can replace your multiple legacy data protection and backup solutions. Today, more than 7,000 customers are using the Zerto IT Resilience Platform to allow simplified workload mobility to protect, recover, and move applications freely across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Taking the benefits even further, by combining the Zerto IT Resilience Platform and Microsoft Azure, you can help your business attain a high degree of IT Resilience in the cloud. The Zerto IT Resilience Platform has Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that allows for continuous data replication to protect every change in near real-time and to ensure recovery point objectives (RPO) of seconds whether moving to Azure, between Azure regions, or out of Azure.

Zerto speeds up cloud adoption by removing hypervisor and storage vendor lock-in from VMware ore Hyper-V environments to Azure with minimal impact.

That perfect pairing, the Zerto IT Resilience Platform on Microsoft Azure, provides your IT organization with three core benefits:

  • Cost-effective disaster recovery to realize savings by making Azure a disaster recovery site with pay-per-use with limitless burst capacity.
  • Easy migration to, from, and between Azure sites by using Zerto to quickly and correctly migrate apps and data to the cloud without impacting the production environment or need for underlying infrastructure configuration changes.
  • End of Support (EOS) for migrations for Windows 2010 and SQL 2010 to Azure by using Zerto for migrating these apps and data to Azure in minutes with no downtime. This supports adherence to security, compliance, and other business SLAs.

Check out Zerto IT Resilience Platform on Microsoft Azure today.

Learn more about Zerto now on the Azure Marketplace.

* The Launch of Zerto 7.0 – How will it revolutionize the data protection market? VMblog’s Expert Interviews, May 2019