Customer Testimonials: Protecting Applications with Zerto Virtual Replication

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  • Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

    “We run our business on SAP and it needs to be easily accessible in order to meet the needs of our internal clients. Zerto Virtual Replication was the only solution we found that delivered very aggressive service levels, provided application consistency for SAP and did not require significant set-up, scripting or ongoing management to keep it operational. The simplicity of the product combined with its power makes it the best solution to deliver disaster recovery for our European operations.”

    - Thomas Zimmerman, Infrastructure Manager for Europe, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

  • Atlantic Fund Services

    “We specifically virtualized in order to simplify our BC/DR processes, so when we were initially brought a solution that included manual coordination of the physical and virtual environment, we knew we were not looking at the right product. With Zerto Virtual Replication, we do not have to maintain a complete environment on the DR site, which means we do not need to manage patch levels, application versions, etc. Replicating at the hypervisor is so seamless; we didn’t think it could be this easy.”

    - Bill Robinson, Senior Vice President Information Technology, Atlantic Fund Services

  • Austin Radiological Association

    “We believe that the virtual machine is the new atomic unit for replication strategies. Zerto works at the virtualization level, which allows us greater flexibility in the type of storage we replicate to and removes the limitations around LUN-based consistency groups. This solution adds a deeper level of control of recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) in a virtual environment than traditional replication methods.”

    - R. Todd Thomas, Chief Information Officer, ARA

  • Bakker Barendrecht

    “Zerto (Virtual Replication) is just excellent. It works well all the time. We have leveraged the testing capabilities several times and we know we will be able to deliver the high levels of service our customers have come to expect from Bakker Barendrecht.”

    - Henk Luitjes, IT Manager, Bakker Barendrecht

  • Baron Funds

    “One of the fundamental challenges companies face during the virtualization process is navigating the challenges of testing and executing BC/DR. We were impressed by how elegant and intuitive Zerto made the whole process, and were able to demonstrate to senior management the strength of our overall BC/DR plan.  As a result, we are taking a fresh look at replication and protection to incorporate new strategies that we didn’t know were possible.”

    - Henry Mayorga, Manager of Network Technology for Baron Funds

  • Berenschot Group

    “Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) by Capitar provides us with a Cloud DRaaS offering which is powered by Zerto Virtual Replication. It is easy to quickly and efficiently failover the datacenter. In case of disaster, the datacenter can be completely up and running at the failover location even before our employees log in again at home after leaving the office. With Capitar IT Group and Zerto, the production data loss is minimal.”

    - Jan Willem van der Grift, head of IT services at Berenschot

  • Commercial Foodservice Repair, Inc.

    “We are running a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year operation. Losing even one hour’s worth of data can result in significant financial losses and potential damage to our brand. Furthermore, we need to be prepared not only for natural disasters, but also for power outages which have disrupted the business in the past. With Zerto Virtual Replication, we maintain aggressive service levels and are able to quickly recover from all types of disruptions. In addition to the aggressive service levels and recovery options, we also use Zerto Virtual Replication to perform maintenance on our servers. We can fail over the entire stack, perform maintenance, and then roll everything back without any downtime.”

    - Sam Rainey, Database Administrator, Commercial Foodservice Repair, Inc.

  • Community Living Trust

    “In the healthcare industry, disaster recovery is a requirement. We had an earthquake in another city in New Zealand and if a street was determined to be unsafe, you physically could not use it to get to your building or information. These sorts of restrictions highlighted our need for a new DR solution.  We put out an RFP and got several responses, but Zerto was the only one that offered a trial and that really impressed us. Low bandwidth requirements and superior service levels coupled with the very reasonable price made Zerto Virtual Replication one of our easiest purchase decisions.”

    - Stephen Smith, ICT Services Manager, Community Living Trust

  • Comvita

    “We were very happy to find a solution which did not require a duplicate array on the target site. Like everyone else in IT, we are trying to do more with less, and Zerto Virtual Replication delivered the features we were looking for at the right price.”

    - Andrew Read, ICT Manager, Comvita


  • EUKOR Car Carriers, Inc.

    “ Zerto is exactly what we want! Whenever we test, it helps us rapidly recover the point that we choose. It is as excellent as it is simple. The efficiency and the performance of Zerto are superior to its competitors. Once we click and choose what we want, we can implement it. Also, it could meet our service level requirements, RPOs of 2 minutes and RTOs of 60 minutes. With Zerto, we took another step towards our goals to become a leading company in the shipping industry.”

    - Mr. Up Jung, Deputy General Manager, EUKOR Car Carriers, Inc

  • Family Investments

    “The primary reason we selected Zerto (Virtual Replication) was due to the Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs). We need to be able to recover applications consistently and required a solution that could deliver this capability through hypervisor-based replication. We felt that Zerto (Virtual Replication) was definitely the best solution for us. The disaster recovery process has also been significantly simplified with a considerable reduction in resource and time requirements needed to facilitate successfully recovery.”

    - Pete Boulton, IT Infrastructure Architect at Family Investments

  • Fayat Construction

    “We needed a DR solution that delivered near synchronous replication to ensure our financial transactions are captured correctly. However, we do have infrastructure limitations, specifically with bandwidth. Zerto Virtual Replication was able to deliver very aggressive recovery point objectives while operating within our network capacity. We did not have to make any updates to the environment and are realizing the enterprise-class protection our business needs.”

    - Hicham Allouche, Chief of IT Security, FAYAT CONSTRUCTION

  • Foresight Financial Group

    “We were looking for a new BC/DR solution that was easy to use, simple to install, did not require a duplicate SAN environment and was within our budget. Zerto not only delivered a fantastic performing solution, it was well within our budget as the need for a duplicate SAN was eliminated.  If it seems too good to be true, it usually is – Zerto has been the exception to that.”

    - Andrew LaPour, Assistant VP of Network Operations, Foresight Financial

  • Fujitsu

    “Our customers are running their businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they require short outage windows for migrations to minimize disruptions. With Zerto Virtual Replication, we are able to cut over applications in just 15 minutes. The setup is very simple and does not require customers to change anything in their environments. Within minutes we are replicating the applications to the new location with no disruption to the environment. We will be using Zerto Virtual Replication for our next migration project.”

    - TG Tran, Platform Architect, Fujitsu

  • Fortune 100 Company

    “With Zerto, we were able to really easily pick and choose the virtual machines we wanted to protect. With a LUN-based solution, you have to move VMs around to get them on the right LUN to replicate – we don’t have that kind of time. We needed a solution built to protect virtualized mission critical applications. It was very clear that Zerto Virtual Replication was built for a virtualized environment.”

    - The Company’s Virtualization Evangelist

  • Gamma

    “As our business continues to grow, we need more than just a backup solution. We are increasingly acquiring high-profile customers, so we have to make sure our operations are available to them with minimal disruption. Our storage infrastructure is powerful, yet complex, so we needed something that would replicate without any storage dependencies. Zerto Virtual Replication replicates in the hypervisor, greatly simplifying our BC/DR (business continuity and disaster recovery) operations. We use Zerto (Virtual Replication) to protect our entire Microsoft environment and are thrilled with the results.”

    - Martin Hood, IT Engineering Team Leader, Gamma

  • HAPO Community Credit Union

    “When we purchased the software, we knew it would improve our BC/DR process, but we got so much more. We reduced our storage footprint by more than 40%. We never expected that. Now, we do not have to purchase storage for the foreseeable future, which is a huge savings for us.”

    - Bill Rausch, Software Engineering Manager, HAPO Community Credit Union

    “Zerto Virtual Replication has quickly become one of the most important purchases we have made recently. We have reduced our storage requirements, greatly improved our BC/DR process. The service levels we are delivering to the business we never thought would be possible. It really helps me sleep at night. I know the application will be available in 5 minutes.”

    - Kevin Jackson, Senior Network Administrator, HAPO Community Credit Union

  • Huntington Hospital

    “We have application-level control, so we can group VMs that are part of an application and configure service levels based on business needs, which delivers tremendous agility for us. Also, as a healthcare provider, we need to be able to show that we have a disaster recovery plan in place – and that it works. The non-disruptive testing has kept our auditors happy, and that makes my boss happy”

    - Abraham Cortez, Senior Systems Administrator, Huntington Hospital

  • Voya Financial

    “We were using array-based replication and being charged by terabyte. Since we’re always adding more storage, this cost was overwhelming our budget and we weren’t seeing the full benefit of virtualization. With Zerto Virtual Replication not only did we substantially reduce costs in terms of our storage, but we also increased the ROI on our VMWare investment. ZVR has everything we need to effectively protect our production workloads – simple DR testing and application consistent recovery.”

    - Brian Mitchell, Senior Server Engineer

  • James Richardson

    “I was extremely impressed with how quickly the software was up and running in our environment. The installation was really fast and we were protecting our environment in under 2 hours. We looked at the metrics in the environment, and we already had a measurable RTO and it was an impressive 5 minutes.”

    -  Anup Mohan, IT Manager, James Richardson

  • Jefferson National

    “Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication solution eliminates risk.  Zerto’s replication solution is incredibly simple to set up, use and manage. We recently did a disaster recovery test to fail over production to our Atlanta data center. With just a few clicks, and in less than 30 minutes, we had all of our production applications back up.  Furthermore, support has been outstanding, and it delivers on the RPO/RTOs that our company requires.”

    - Jeff Chandler, VP of Technology Operations

  • Jungle Jims

    “Zerto Virtual Replication’s non-disruptive testing gave us the validation we needed to expand our environment. We were able to run the non-disruptive test during business hours and show that our current infrastructure would not be able to support failover, as our applications couldn’t all run effectively at one site. We now have two production sites and leverage the solution’s bi-directional replication capabilities. This critical disaster recovery testing reassures us we are fully prepared for any business disruptions.”

    - Will Bradshaw , IT Director, Retail Locations, Jungle Jims

  • Kingfisher IT Services

    “We virtualized our environment to better leverage assets within our data centers, and we were making great progress, until it came to the BC/DR strategy. A traditional, physical solution was not meeting our needs. ZVR not only met our requirements, it far exceeded our expectations in terms of service levels. We see RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.”

    - James Horrod, Group Platform Architect

  • Leadway Pensure

    “When I first heard about Zerto (Virtual Replication) I was skeptical. Now that we have it deployed, I call it a miracle for BC/DR. We have very aggressive service levels to meet – we must have our mission critical applications up in 15 minutes. With Zerto, we are able to recover our Microsoft SQL Server database, Exchange, File servers and other applications well within our SLA.”

    - Uzah Chinedu, Infrastructure Manager, Leadway Pensure PFA Limited

  • Long Term Care Group

    “We were using an orchestration tool (SRM) with array-based replication, which required constant management and maintenance. In fact, we needed several weekend outages to prepare the environment just to test DR and we had to watch for any changes within the environment that could potentially break protection of virtual machines. Zerto Virtual Replication is completely aware of the environment, eliminates our need for weekend preparation work and simply elevates our DR/BC capabilities.”

    - Mike Gelhar, Systems Engineer, Long Term Care Group

  • Leupold & Stevens

    “The flexibility and usability of the Zerto solution was the deciding factor in our decision. Because the technology is hardware and storage agnostic, it provides us superior protection encompassing our entire environment, without the need for vendor-specific solutions. The singular management interface allows us to seamlessly manage our replication groups within the vSphere client, and provides excellent visibility of the replication statistics and process. Setup and configuration was quick and painless, and were completed within only a few hours. Zerto has proven to be indispensable in our environment and we are very pleased with the results we’ve seen.”

    - Erik Rasmussen, System Administrator

  • Northern Regional College

    “We were using an orchestration tool with array-based (SAN-based) replication. It required constant management and maintenance, overwhelming our small team. The simplicity of Zerto Virtual Replication was amazing. We were able to set up the protection groups, and that was it! We are looking to expand our ZVR deployment and increase the productivity of our team.”

    – Alan Brown, IT Network Manager at Northern Regional College

  • nSPARC

    “Zerto Virtual Replication is a straightforward and simple solution for BC/DR. We have near real-time replication of our very large systems and it is the best product we found to keep our SQL databases in sync at the transaction level.”

    - Hal Bullock, Asst Director for IT, National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center

  • Philadelphia Contributionship

    “Our old recovery and testing strategy was a complex ordeal at best, as it put intensive strains on our network and made it impossible to meet the recovery objectives our business demands. Zerto delivered comprehensive data and application protection without any updates or upgrades to our current network or storage infrastructure, simply and affordably.”

    -  Mark Montagna, IT Infrastructure Manager, Philadelphia Contributionship

  • Rapidparts

    “We really like the simplicity of having full automation and orchestration, combined with robust replication in just one product. I had two separate products – VMWare SRM and RecoverPoint – which was challenging to manage. For example, when a new version of vSphere was released it had a feature I wanted to leverage. In order to use it, and ensure BC/DR would not be affected, I had to upgrade not only vSphere, but also SRM, RecoverPoint and the array; it was just too much. Zerto (Virtual Replication) is not only easier to manage, but it handles VSS checkpoints seamlessly and the ability to easily rollback a failover streamlines our BC/DR processes.”

    - Zach Dickinson, Senior Network Administrator, Rapidparts, Inc.

  • Sanchez Oil and Gas

    “At Sanchez Oil and Gas, our business depends on the ability to communicate and make critical business decisions 24/7.  For this reason, we chose Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) to protect our mission critical SQL and Exchange applications.  Zerto provides powerful tools which make VM protection simple and consistent throughout our virtualized environment.  The move to ZVR away from cumbersome OS based replication technology enabled our IT staff to free up valuable resources and time spent managing those unreliable products.”

    - Christopher Barringer, Director – Information Systems, Sanchez Oil and Gas

  • Security Service Federal Credit Union

    “We need to ensure the rapid recovery of our key applications, specifically, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle. Zerto Virtual Replication delivers the aggressive service levels we need with the ability to failover to any point in time with a virtual aware solution. ZVR supports the virtual environment while enhancing our investment in virtualization,”

    - Richard Polchlopek, Enterprise System Engineer, SSFCU.

  • SGS

    “Zerto is so easy to implement and use, and is a very straightforward product. We have full confidence in our BC/DR plans as we are able to test and validate them whenever we want. We did not have this capability before and management was understandably nervous if we had a failure. Today, we have no concerns if we were to have any type of disaster.”

    - Baris Dogan, Operations Support Team Leader

    SGS works with one of Zerto’s strategic partners, EMOBIL, to architect innovative solutions for managing their entire IT infrastructure and datacenter.


  • Stonegate Farmers

    “ The virtual protection groups really simplified how we protect our applications. We have a mission critical ERP application Oracle JD Edwards with Microsoft SQL Server, and email applications which are vital to our environment and have dependencies that we need to account for. Automating many of the recovery steps through the groups ensures the process
    will execute in the same way – every time.”

    - Jason Gillam Stonegate Farmers Ltd.

  • TenCate

    “One of the toughest parts of my job is providing a consistent IT experience across locations. It is a constant uphill battle. We are always acquiring companies with different types of storage, servers, skill sets. Right now I have IBM, Dell, Compellant and EMC, just to name a few. Zerto Virtual Replication can support anything that VMWare supports and it is so easy to use, I spend about 20 minutes training team members on it. Its simplicity and power are not found in any other BC/DR solution for VMWare.”

    - Jayme Williams, Senior Systems Engineer, TenCate

  • Transfreight

    ”Zerto provides a virtual and seamless fail over process, where our previous solution required team members to physically be present at both the primary and DR site to coordinate a successful fail over. The power and simplicity of ZVR, combined with the cost savings, made it an easy choice for us.”

    - Tamas Nemeth, manager of IT Systems, Transfreight

  • Woodforest National Bank

    “Virtualization is supposed to be about reducing complexity, but SAN-based replication makes deploying new applications, partial failovers, and other recovery activities complex and manual processes. This type of replication required complex, labor-intensive setup and management and didn’t allow us to take full advantage of the flexibility and mobility of our virtual infrastructure. Now we’re managing our applications, not our storage. Our disaster avoidance strategy is ready to overcome any disaster.”

    - Richard  Ferarra, CTO, Woodforest National Bank

  • Zettagrid

    “We wanted to design and offer a service where the customer has control over BC/DR operations. We did not want to be completely hands on for every aspect. With Zerto Virtual Replication, the customer has a full view into their service – the SLA, resources, disaster recovery testing and failover. We are able to build a high level of trust with our customers as we give them a high level of control.”

    - Nicki Pereira, CTO of Zettagrid

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