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Transportation & Logistics Success Stories

Learn how Zerto helps transportation and logistics organizations defend against ransomware, migrate to the cloud, prove compliance, achieve cost savings, and become resilient in the face of IT challenges.

United Airlines Protects Award-winning Mobile and Online Experience with Zerto

Having an always-on customer experience is a top priority for United Airlines, so when it comes to protecting their critical data, they partner with Zerto.

Zerto Helps Spirit Airlines Avoid Impact of Hurricane Irma with On-Demand Migration of Key Applications

Find out how Spirit Airlines built a business strategy to ensure resilience for its complex IT infrastructure and systems to withstand natural disasters.

IT Resilience in Action at Ports of Genoa

The Port Authority has a complex IT structure that required an innovative architectural approach. Learn how Zerto was able to help simplify the migration process and maximize performance in the event of disaster recovery

Tencate Recovers from Ransomware with Zerto: A Before and After

The tale of two experiences about recovering from ransomware attacks.

AmesburyTruth Combines Rapid Growth and IT Resilience with Zerto

AmesburyTruth has been able to replace their DR site with Azure as part of their cloud first strategy. In addition to leveraging the public cloud, Amesbury has seen a 90 percent reduction in RPO by implementing Zerto.

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ESG Data Protection Trends and Strategies for Containers

See how organizations are assessing backup, uncovering gaps in data protection strategies, and evaluating cloud for containers deployment.

Cyber Attack Survival Guide

In this report, analysts detail the challenges business leaders face, and potential actions they can take, to improve their response and recovery time from cyberattacks, including ransomware.

TenCate Moves Workloads to the Cloud with Zerto

TenCate finds the true value of Zerto by being able to leverage it for many things outside of BC/DR.