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Upcoming Session

Thursday, June 9

8 am PST | 11 am EST | 4 pm BST

Zerto Virtual Manager Appliance (ZVMA)

Zerto 10 is just around the corner—and with it, the powerful new Zerto appliance for easy, secure management of your Zerto deployments. Join Justin Paul, Senior Product Manager, and Andrew Silva, Technical Marketing Engineer, to learn all about ZVMA, its key role in Zerto architectures, and a live demo of how to easily migrate your existing Zerto managers to this new virtual appliance.



Real-Time Detection Meets Real-Time Protection

Watch the replay of the Zerto 10 launch event where Kevin Mitnick joined Caroline Seymour, Deepak Verma, and Kevin Cole from Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to discuss the current state of cybersecurity and how Zerto is transforming continuous data protection to combat cyber threats. You will hear exciting NEW announcements!




SaaS based Disaster Recovery and Backup with HPE GreenLake

Integrating Zerto into the HPE GreenLake platform now delivers SaaS-based disaster recovery on a globally accessible, hybrid-cloud platform with multi-site management and flexible billing.  In this session, join Kyleigh Fitzgerald, Zerto Product Marketing Manager, to discover how you can have full data protection when you pair HPE GreenLake for Disaster Recovery with HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery.



Hitchhiker’s Guide to Kubernetes DR

Join Anthony Dutra, Zerto Technical Marketing Engineer, as he explores the dark depths of disaster recovery for Kubernetes. Learn how Zerto’s cloud-native solution enables disaster recovery of K8s applications that is storage-agnostic, API-first, doesn’t rely on legacy technologies, and protects all resources that comprise an application.

Latest Resources

Stay informed on what is going in the industry and about Zerto via these valuable resources.

Recovery is the Cornerstone of Ransomware Resilience

Understand the fundamentals of ransomware resilience and get everything you need to know to protect your business and establish a recovery plan.

Cyberattack Survival Guide for Healthcare

Our Cyber Attack Survival Guide for Healthcare lays out the plan of attack needed to have a fighting chance against ransomware.

Gorilla Guide to Real-Time Ransomware Detection and Recovery

This free Gorilla Guide outlines the dangers of ransomware, and how early detection can help mitigate a ransomware attack and allow recovery more quickly. Get ready to enhance your ransomware resilience strategy!

Thwart Ransomware with Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

Learn how an isolated data vault using true air gaps and immutability can help you detect and recover from ransomware.

Real-Time Detection Meets Real-Time Protection

Watch the replay of our live-streamed Zerto 10 launch event, which featured our guest speaker Kevin Mitnick, and delivered exciting NEW announcements!

Latest Blog Posts

Dive into recent updates, technology trends, and best practices with the experts.

Why Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault?

Ransomware threats and cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency, severity, and sophistication. A recent study by IDC found most disaster recovery incidents in the last 12 months were triggered by ransomware and malware. The cost of executing an attack continues to fall thanks to the rise of ransomware as a service, and successful ransom payments […]

Ransomware Detection Part 1: What Is Ransomware Detection?

Ransomware has become an increasingly prevalent threat for today’s businesses. While ransomware resilience efforts focus mostly on prevention and response, the ability to detect ransomware early is just as crucial. Early detection helps you determine the point of impact. Using early detection to protect your IT infrastructure against ransomware is much like guarding a bank […]

Zerto Launches Zerto 10 at Keynote Event in Houston, TX

On May 18, at a keynote event in Houston, we announced the launch of Zerto 10, delivering the fastest time to protect, detect, and recover from ransomware. The release enhances Zerto’s already robust suite of cybersecurity capabilities, offering new real-time encryption anomaly detection, a new Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault, and a new secure-hardened Linux appliance. […]

Part 4 – One-to-Many with Zerto for AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is rapidly growing due to the scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of their services. According to a 2022 report by Synergy Research Group, AWS is the market leader in cloud infrastructure services, accounting for 33 percent of the global market share(1). An increasing number of businesses are choosing AWS because it offers […]

Risk Management Process- Part 2: Business Impact Analysis

The Critical Role of Business Impact Analysis In the first part of our miniseries on risk management, we introduced the operational risk management process and outlined its different parts. This time, we are exploring one of those key parts: the business impact analysis (BIA) process. In today’s increasingly complex business landscape, organizational leaders must understand […]

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Zerto Announces Partner of the Year Awards for 2022

Zerto announced its 2022 Partner of the Year Awards as named by the company’s partner advisory board. AHEAD and TierPoint are recognized for their significant achievements.

Zerto Extends Leadership in Ransomware Resilience

Zerto announced the availability of a series of major product updates, bringing its ransomware recovery capabilities to the leading cloud providers. 

Zerto Wins Best Feature Set and Best Relations Awards

Zerto is proud to be recognized by TrustRadius for having an outstanding feature set in the disaster recovery software category.

Zerto Joins AWS ISV Workload Migration Partner Program

Zerto customers will benefit from enhanced technical enablement which accelerates migrations with a repeatable and scalable methodology, automations, and tools that leverage AWS best practices.

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