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DR in the Cloud with Zerto

Even though public cloud providers offer robust infrastructure and high availability, disaster recovery remains crucial for public cloud applications. Join Anthony Dutra, Technical Marketing Manager, to learn how Zerto innovates disaster recovery within the cloud to help cloud architects deliver an application resiliency across regions with just a few simple clicks of a button.



Building a Cyber Resilience Vault with Zerto

The next evolution of data protection requires ironclad cyber vaults as a key part of your ransomware resilience strategy. Join Andre Silva, Technical Marketing Manager, to learn how to architect and customize Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault, which combines Zerto’s ultra-low RPOs and RTOs with the untouchable performance of HPE Alletra and HPE ProLiant hardware.



Deep Dive into What’s New with Zerto 10

Join Michael Nassis, Product Marketing Manager, to learn about Zerto 10 powerful new capabilities for ransomware resilience, Microsoft Azure protection, and Zerto security. This includes real-time ransomware detection, and Zerto’s Cyber Resilience Vault.



Zerto Virtual Manager Appliance (ZVMA)

Zerto 10 is just around the corner—and with it, the powerful new Zerto appliance for easy, secure management of your Zerto deployments. Join Justin Paul, Senior Product Manager, and Andrew Silva, Technical Marketing Engineer, to learn all about ZVMA, its key role in Zerto architectures, and a live demo of how to easily migrate your existing Zerto managers to this new virtual appliance.

Latest Resources

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ESG 2023 Ransomware Preparedness – Lighting the Way to Readiness and Mitigation

Learn more about the key findings from a survey conducted by ESG, over 600 organizations, about the proactive and reactive measures organizations have in place to defend against ransomware.

Backup and Recovery for Azure Active Delivery

Learn more about Zerto Backup for SaaS, powered by Keepit, for your Azure Active Directory (AD) security strategy.

Zerto Competitive Comparisons

Check out how Zerto compares against other solutions for disaster recovery and data protection, and see why Zerto could be the best option for you.

Thwart Ransomware with Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

Learn how an isolated data vault using true air gaps and immutability can help you detect and recover from ransomware.

Real-Time Detection Meets Real-Time Protection

Learn more about Zerto 10 new features and capabilities.

Latest Blog Posts

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Zerto is on the AWS & Azure Marketplaces!

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, empowers customers to run an always-on business by simplifying the protection, recovery, and mobility of on-premises and cloud applications. Zerto eliminates the risk and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption across private, public, and hybrid deployments. The simple, software-only solution uses continuous data protection (CDP) at scale to solve […]

Risk Management Process – Part 3d: Risk Map and Risk Assessment Output

So far, we have covered risk identification, risk analysis, and risk controls. All these steps will be used to create a risk map. What Is a Risk Map? The risk map is the final component of risk assessment, providing a visual representation of the identified risks, their probability of occurrence, and their potential impact. […]

Types of Data Vaults

When we think of the concept of immutable data vaults (IDV) as it relates to data protection, the first thought that comes to mind is: is the data secure and safe? Typically, that is the case—unless the data was somehow compromised prior to it being converted to its immutable state. We all know how important […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Uninterrupted IT Operations: Demystifying High Availability and Disaster Recovery

In the challenging landscape of keeping your IT operations online all the time, understanding the contrasting methodologies of high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) is paramount. Here, we delve into HA and DR, the dynamic duo of application resilience. Learn what they are, some benefits and drawbacks, and the reasons why you should embrace […]

5 Critical Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

Where is the save button for Microsoft 365? The shared responsibility of protecting and retaining your Microsoft 365 data is not as clear as you would think. The recoverability built-in by Microsoft provides the bare minimum when it comes to making sure the full Microsoft 365 suite is safe in the event of a disaster. […]

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Zerto Announces Partner of the Year Awards for 2022

Zerto announced its 2022 Partner of the Year Awards as named by the company’s partner advisory board. AHEAD and TierPoint are recognized for their significant achievements.

Zerto Extends Leadership in Ransomware Resilience

Zerto announced the availability of a series of major product updates, bringing its ransomware recovery capabilities to the leading cloud providers. 

Zerto Wins Best Feature Set and Best Relations Awards

Zerto is proud to be recognized by TrustRadius for having an outstanding feature set in the disaster recovery software category.

Zerto Joins AWS ISV Workload Migration Partner Program

Zerto customers will benefit from enhanced technical enablement which accelerates migrations with a repeatable and scalable methodology, automations, and tools that leverage AWS best practices.

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