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Zerto Virtual Replication to Protect Workloads Running on IBM Cloud

August 29, 2016

Zerto Virtual Replication helps clients with BC/DR for VMware Cloud Foundation on the IBM Cloud

VMworld 2016, Las Vegas – August 29, 2016 – Zerto, whose innovative disaster recovery solutions provide ‘Resilience for Evolving IT™’, today announced its flagship product, Zerto Virtual Replication, is now available to protect workloads running on the IBM Cloud. Zerto Virtual Replication will be the standard for BC/DR for VMware Cloud Foundation on the IBM Cloud. With organizations evolving beyond traditional backup and disaster recovery, Zerto’s industry leading recovery point objective (RPO) of seconds and recovery time objective (RTO) of minutes gives IBM Cloud customers confidence they need to run business critical application on the IBM Cloud.

“Customers looking to take advantage of a hybrid cloud for their business critical applications now have a resilient solution that delivers best of breed hybrid cloud from IBM integrated with Zerto’s industry leading cloud continuity platform.   IBM cloud now delivers automation that builds, configures, deploys and protects a customer’s infrastructure in a matter of hours” said Paul Zeiter, President of Zerto. “Zerto’s industry leading BCDR technology coupled with IBM scalable and cost efficient hybrid cloud platform enables customers to deploy and protect mission critical applications in the cloud seamlessly, leveraging the unmatched protection of  Zerto’s Cloud Continuity platform.”

Capability highlights for IBM Cloud with Zerto Virtual Replication include:

  • Built-in BC/DR – Integrated solution stack for BC/DR between cloud sites with an RPO of seconds and RTO of minutes with no snapshots required.
  • Recover from Data Corruption – Improve resilience by overcoming accidental, or intentional corruption such as ransomware attacks.
  • Automated Recovery – Automatically recover to any point in time, and test without impacting production.
  • Non-Disruptive Testing – With no impact to production, customers can test their DR solution at any time, giving end-users confidence their cloud environment will perform as business needs require.
  • Application Consistency – Recover complex applications running across multiple virtual machines and servers to any point in time in minutes with service levels and recovery reporting to respond to audits.
  • Rapid Recovery – Ability to recover to any point in time within seconds of data loss with minimum data loss.

The solution will consist of Zerto Virtual Replication running on IBM Cloud Direct Linked sites that can be used to recover production workloads in minutes. It will be sold as an option to IBM Cloud through IBM direct and indirect channels, as well as VMware direct and indirect channels. For more information, visit the Zerto for IBM Cloud page.

About Zerto

Zerto, a pioneer in the field of ‘IT Resilience’, provides continuous availability and disaster recovery software solutions. Zerto’s proactive approach to recovery gives companies confidence in their ability to withstand any disruption, incorporate new technology easily, and change frequently to accommodate evolving IT budgets and business priorities. The company’s award-winning product, Zerto Virtual Replication, part of our Cloud Continuity Platform™, provides the simplest and most reliable method for protecting any application. With Zerto, companies move beyond their BC/DR ‘insurance policy’ to embrace Resilience for Evolving IT™. For more information, go to www.zerto.com.

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