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Zerto Rolls Out On-Demand Lab Program

March 5, 2019

myZerto Labs Program provides easy, self-paced labs for IT professionals to test, understand and experiment with the IT Resilience Platform using virtual infrastructure

BOSTON – March 5, 2019 – Zerto, an industry leader for IT resilience, today announced its myZerto Labs Program is open for users to get hands-on experience with the IT Resilience Platform in a self-paced lab environment. This program is designed to give users the ability to experience the installation, configuration, and management operations within its IT Resilience Platform without the need to set up their own infrastructure.

Initially introduced globally as a pilot program in 2018, the myZerto Labs Program is now going live as a fully available, virtual, on-demand training program based on feedback from pilot participants. Throughout the beta program, prospects, customers and partners had access to the hands-on learning experience. The labs are now widely available to the whole Zerto community and include self-paced lab guides to provide step-by-step training.

The myZerto Labs Program features three lab offerings that are available through the myZerto portal, including:

  • Introductory Level: Getting Started with Zerto – An introductory technical lab, perfect for getting up and running with Zerto for the first time. It includes first steps, installation and initial configuration in a VMware vSphere environment, as well as setting up protection of VMs in a virtual protection group and providing that group with a failover test. Users will learn firsthand how easy it is to get started with Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform and its always-on, continuous replication.
  • Intermediate Level: Managing Protection with Zerto – Move beyond the basics and begin focusing on advanced settings and full run-throughs of the major recovery operations. This lab will allow users to discover additional features within Zerto on VMware vSphere such as pre-seed and re-IP before practicing failovers, tests, and moves. The lab also focuses on ransomware and uses a real infection to practice recovery using Zerto without paying a ransom or losing files. The Managing Protection with Zerto lab is an ideal way to take learning to the next level and explore how Zerto unlocks IT resilience through protection, recovery, and orchestration.
  • Advanced Level: Automating Zerto with REST APIs – This advanced lab offers hands-on training around PowerShell and REST APIs to automate common tasks, such as installing VRAs and creating VPGs. Users will practice editing existing scripts and writing new ones, including putting together a script for automating a failover test. This lab will equip power users to maximize Zerto’s functionality and integrate it into their own automation workflows.

“During the pilot program, we’ve seen a diverse and global set of customers and partners using the labs, with really positive feedback about the experience and the insight that they provide,” said Rob Strechay, SVP of Product, Zerto. “We are excited to make this available to all prospects, customers and partners as it is a great way for us to connect with them, show the capabilities of the IT Resilience Platform and encourage them to test the limits of how it would work in their environment. Making the implementation of Zerto as seamless and user-friendly as possible is one of our top priorities, and labs are another piece to that puzzle.”

Some initial feedback from customers and partners in the pilot program includes:

  • “This is a great resource to show how simple it is to get up and running with Zerto!”
  • “Can’t say this enough… ALL of the hands-on labs were written perfectly and were very easy to follow. Especially the steps where the user was able to drill down into more detail on a particular step. Also, I found no errors within each step of a particular lab which allowed me to focus on the lab itself versus searching around for the answer or skipping the step altogether.”
  • “Great instructions and a really good way to get administrators used to the interface without the fear of doing anything wrong in their environment! Thanks for continuing to improve the resources for learning!”

Sign up for myZerto Labs here.


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