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Zerto Launches Analytics Resource Planning Tool to Identify IT Resilience Needs Across Complex IT Environments

August 26, 2019

A single interface offers insights into potential needs of future data protection strategies

BOSTON & SAN FRANCISCO, August 26, 2019 – Zerto, an industry leader for IT resilience, has announced the availability of Zerto Analytics Resource Planner, a new IT resilience resource planning tool that provides real-time and historical insights and analysis of the protection status of applications and data. It enables users to automate the sizing, scoping and optimization of future on-premises and cloud data protection needs ensuring zero interruption to the business.

Built into the Zerto IT Resilience Platform, Zerto Analytics has a single interface and experience to give users complete visibility of their protected data and applications. It allows users to analyze historical data protection, monitor current data protection status and now with the new Resource Planner, optimize and size for their future data protection needs. The new Resource Planner identifies the resources required for the user’s data protection strategy based on the performance of data center architecture, including on-premises and cloud, and regardless of vendor.

Designed for current Zerto customers or those evaluating Zerto for their data protection needs, the Resource Planner can analyze and report on any or all VMs within each data center to size and optimize data protection needs across on-premises or cloud.

The Resource Planner identifies a range of key data protection planning requirements, including the storage and networking resources required to protect data centers, the resources required to move Zerto-protected VMs from on premises to a public cloud, predict required changes to the journal sizing and retention policies and the storage and networking resources required to protect some or all data centers with Zerto.

Through Zerto Analytics’ intelligent dashboards, users can spot trends, identify anomalies, and troubleshoot issues in network, RPO, and other business SLAs. By eliminating inefficiencies and allocating resources effectively, organizations can mitigate data loss, reduce downtime and maximize control over data.

“As IT infrastructures become more complex and demands for performance rise, companies require visibility and control over protected IT environments. Zerto Analytics Resource Planner is a powerful insight and planning tool that allows users to quickly access and determine data protection resource and infrastructure demands and give them the ability to forecast precise needs,” explained Rob Strechay, SVP of product. “By providing full visibility across the entire IT environment, it allows users to scope their future needs and make data-driven decisions about resilience based on size, licensing and budget.”

“It has become habit that every morning I start with Zerto Analytics because of all the useful information it provides. In a single interface, I get complete visibility into all my storage usage and protected environments throughout the business,” said Jeffrey Frankel, Senior Disaster Recovery Services Engineer at McKesson. “But just as important as the daily snapshot Zerto Analytics provides, I also get invaluable insights for future planning so I can anticipate what I need for my data protection strategy. I can analyze the resources I’ll need to keep my data centers protected, move VMs and optimize the overall protections I get using Zerto.”

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