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Learn how Zerto helps healthcare organizations defend against ransomware, migrate to the cloud, prove compliance, achieve cost savings, and become resilient in the face of IT challenges.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in Healthcare Whitepaper

This whitepaper in collaboration with Healthcare Innovation aims to provide you with an understanding of the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry and how, by adopting business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, these organizations can take steps today to become more resilient.

Centura Health: Avoiding Downtime with Zerto

Watch this to learn how Zerto helped Centura Health realize cost savings by eliminating redundant tools, reducing their data center footprint and developing plans to better leverage the Cloud for DR.

Zerto Delivers Healthy Disaster Recovery Strategy for Canton-Potsdam Hospital

Find out how Canton-Postdam found a DR strategy that would minimize downtime and ensure it met all healthcare compliance and regulatory requirements.

Houston Methodist Avoids Downtime and Optimizes Patient Care with Zerto

State and local agencies are under pressure to modernize operations and improve the customer experience, but exponential data growth and complex multi-cloud environments often hamper those efforts. Zerto can help by supporting public sector agencies’ digital transformation efforts. Zerto's platform lets agencies go beyond a traditional approach while reducing costs and driving efficiencies.

Health Care System Gets a Clean Bill of Data Health With Zerto

After one of its data centers flooded, the healthcare system restored a destroyed server within five minutes. Read more about how they protect all application tiers, lowered costs, and implemented a DR strategy.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery in Healthcare 

Is your healthcare organization prepared to support business as usual, even when faced with a disaster?  Understand the unique challenges and how to become IT resilient. 

IT Resilience in Healthcare 

Learn how to avoid healthcare IT disasters. Protect more than patients. Protect your business.

Zerto Bridges IT Transformation for New Canadian Blood Services 

Effective Migration and protection of IT Services and applications with Zerto.