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A New Data Protection Offering


Zerto launched a new data protection offering that delivers 50% TCO savings over legacy solutions and displaces backup for all applications across on-premises and cloud. It’s now easier than ever to modernize your backup and recovery strategy with a single platform.

Watch these sessions to hear about our exciting new announcements:

  • Zerto’s new data protection offering delivers cost-effective backup, lower TCO and protection for all applications, enabling data recovery without downtime or data loss.
  • Zerto. 8.5 with new public cloud disaster recovery and data protection platforms for complete infrastructure flexibility, including protection for Microsoft’s next-generation Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

On Demand Sessions


Product Keynote: Announcing a New Data Protection Offering and New Cloud Platforms

Join Gil Levonai, SVP of Product and Caroline Seymour, VP of Product Marketing as they share all the details on the exciting new data protection offering, support for new cloud platforms and platform updates with Zerto 8.5. Hear first-hand how Zerto delivers 50% TCO savings replacing traditional backup for all applications across on-premises and cloud.


Gil Levonai, CMO & SVP, Product, Zerto

Caroline Seymour, VP, Product Marketing, Zerto

Tejas Pandya, Sr. Disaster Recovery Services Engineer, McKesson

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Breakout Sessions

In-Depth Technical Look at Zerto’s New Data Protection Offering

Zerto is extending its industry-leading platform with the introduction of a new data protection offering that delivers near zero data loss or downtime. Why roll back 4 to 24 hours ago from snapshot-based backup when you can have immediate access to your files from seconds ago? Join Chris Duffy, Director of Product Management, as he shares in-depth the new powerful new features including:

  • Long-Term Retention to public cloud
  • Data protection workflows
  • Instant restore
  • Platform Lifecycle Automation
  • And more..


Chris Duffy, Director, Product Management, Zerto

Watch the “In-Depth Technical Look at Zerto’s New Data Protection Offering” session




Journey to the Cloud: Complete Mobility, Data Protection and Innovation 

Zerto has been successfully facilitating cloud adoptions for customers all over the world. From data center migrations and cloud disaster recovery to new cloud backup, Zerto continues to accelerate cloud adoption, enabling businesses to capitalize on its benefits. Join this technical deep dive into Zerto’s product roadmap covering what’s new in Zerto 8.5 for the cloud: delivering you complete freedom, mobility, protection and visibility both to and from the cloud. Andy Fernandez, Product Marketing Manager, will explore the following new capabilities:

  • NEW VMware on Public Cloud solution supporting Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and the next generation Azure VMware Solutions (AVS)
  • NEW cloud-native backup for Azure and AWS
  • NEW Platform capabilities and innovation
  • Sneak Peak preview of what’s coming later
  • And more!


Andy Fernandez, Product Marketing Manager, Zerto

Watch the “Journey to the Cloud: Complete Mobility, Data Protection and Innovation” session




How to Achieve 50% TCO Savings with Zerto

Reimagining backup for modern IT doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank. By converging backup and disaster recovery with Zerto, customers get better protection without the complexity and hidden costs of legacy backup solutions. This session will explain exactly how Zerto delivers real financial and business value at a lower TCO than you may expect—and does so without compromising on the fundamental technological benefits that competitors can’t offer. You’ll hear exactly where Zerto provides savings and how you can leverage our simple, scalable platform to improve IT efficiency, reduce data loss, and eliminate redundant backup point solutions.


Kevin Cole, Technical Marketing Manager, Zerto

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Watch “How to Achieve 50% TCO Savings with Zerto” session




Zerto for Kubernetes Technical Preview

Cloud-native applications running in containers and orchestrated by Kubernetes are quickly becoming the new normal for IT teams. Yet new standards present new challenges, particularly for maintaining availability, data protection, and disaster recovery. Traditional approaches to backup and DR can’t keep pace with today’s evolving DevOps landscape. Join Deepak Verma, Director of Product Strategy, and learn how Zerto is delivering resilience for next-gen applications through data protection as code: all the enterprise-class features of our platform, now purpose-built from the ground up for Kubernetes applications. Whether for on-premises K8s or in the cloud of your choice, you’ll learn exactly how and why Zerto is delivering a new data protection to the containerized world.


Deepak Verma, Director, Product Strategy, Zerto

Watch “Zerto for Kubernetes Technical Preview” session




Gil Levonai

CMO & SVP, Product, Zerto

About the Speaker

Gil Levonai is Chief Marketing Officer for Zerto. He spearheads marketing, supporting the corporate vision by leading the go-to-market strategy. With more than 20 years of experience in various technology management disciplines including marketing, product management, sales, business development and R&D, Gil most recently served as principal at Gil Levonai Strategic Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in high-tech marketing. He previously served as vice president of marketing and strategy at NextNine, a company providing service automation solutions to global enterprises.

Caroline Seymour

VP, Product Marketing, Zerto

About the Speaker

Caroline Seymour is the VP, Product Marketing for Zerto, based in Boston, US. In this role Caroline leads the overall product marketing strategy and execution for Zerto. Prior to Zerto, Caroline was at IBM for nine years and before that Cognos. Caroline has a wealth of experience in the Enterprise software space from the many roles she has held in Europe and in North America.

Deepak Verma

Director, Product Strategy, Zerto

About the Speaker

Deepak Verma is Director of Product Strategy at Zerto. He has 20 years of experience in the IT industry with focus on disaster recovery and data protection. He has lead product management teams responsible for building and delivering products for cloud platforms at multiple companies. He has also architected, deployed and managed technologies for data protection and disaster recovery in various industry verticals during previous roles. Deepak holds a Master of Computer Science in Data Science and a Bachelor of Engineering. He is certified in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Chris Duffy

Director, Product Management, Zerto

About the Speaker

Chris Duffy, Director, Product Management: Chris has been leading Zerto Product Management for over 4 years, driving the product strategy and roadmap. Chris has 20 years of industry experience driving enterprise storage, BCDR, and backup & recovery solutions and strategies. Prior to joining Zerto, Chris lead product initiatives within Hewlett Packard Enterprise storage team, Copan Systems, a storage startup acquired by SGI, and Quantum Stornext.

Kevin Cole

Technical Marketing Manager, Zerto

About the Speaker

Kevin Cole is the Technical Marketing Manager at Zerto. He works at the intersection of product marketing and training in order to give our customers & partners the tools they need to be successful with Zerto. In his free time, Kevin enjoys explaining TCO formulas to his two orange tabby cats.

Andy Fernandez

Product Marketing Manager, Zerto

About the Speaker

Andy Fernandez is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Zerto. With a focus on product marketing and launches, he strives to translate technical innovation to business value. After spending years in various technology companies and entrepreneurship pursuits, Andy is focused on launching industry leading products and accelerating their adoption.