Zerto 7 Sneak Peek: Changing the Way Backup is Done

Listen in as Rob Strechay, Zerto’s SVP of Product, and Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn, Zerto Technology Evangelist, provide an early preview into the latest features included in Zerto 7.


Forget Backup – Use Zerto Journal Recovery to Rewind and Resume

Learn how to use the Zerto journal coupled with continuous replication to recover files, VM’s, applications or even entire data centers and resume from just seconds before an incident – no more wasting time manually restoring from backups.


Roadmap to Zerto 7

Listen in as Rob Strechay, Zerto’s SVP of Product, takes a deep dive into the roadmap for the Zerto IT Resilience Platform and reveals the latest features included in Zerto’s upcoming September release, Zerto Virtual Replication 6.5.


The State of IT Resilience

Listen in to hear featured speaker, Phil Goodwin, Research Director from IDC, detail findings from an exclusive study by IDC, which finds that more than 90% of organizations are falling short of what is advised for IT resilience, setting up their digital transformation imperatives – and their business – to fail.


The Future of Backup Isn’t Backup

Listen in as Steve Blow, Technology Evangelist, explains Zerto’s vision for the future of backup and learn how continuous journal-based protection is disrupting legacy backup.


Simplify IT – How to Achieve True IT Resilience

In this webinar, Forrester’s Senior Analyst, Naveen Chhabra, explores the practices and technologies that have evolved – far beyond old-school backup – to become the tech infrastructure needed to help organizations achieve true IT resilience and giving IT the tools they need so that they can focus on modernization and their cloud strategy.


Top 5 Ways to Leverage the Cloud

Do you want to know how to get the most from the cloud? We’ve gathered our top 5 use-cases for the cloud to build a resilient foundation for your IT infrastructure.

Zerto 7 Sneak Peek
Zerto Journal Recovery
The Roadmap to Zerto 7 and Beyond
The State of IT Resilience | 2018
The Future of Backup
How to Achieve True IT Resilience
Top 5 Ways to Leverage the Cloud


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