Understanding Real-Time Encryption Detection with Zerto - Zerto

Understanding Real-Time Encryption Detection with Zerto

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Mitigate ransomware by detecting in seconds and recovering in minutes

Zerto pairs real-time replication with real-time encryption detection so IT and SecOps teams can fight back mid-attack instead of learning about malicious activity hours after the fact. Faster detection means faster cyber recovery: radically reduce data loss and downtime so you can quickly get back to business as usual after a cyber incident.

Read this technical whitepaper to understand how Zerto’s unique technology can be a part of a well-rounded defense-in-depth strategy to combat ransomware. You’ll learn:

  • Common approaches to detecting ransomware
  • What makes Zerto detection so different
  • How our innovative Encryption Analyzer really works
  • Key considerations for implementation and how to capitalize on our API-first approach

Using the information in this whitepaper can better prepare you to embrace ransomware resilience and leverage Zerto for detection, protection, response, and recovery after a cyberattack.

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A Deep Dive into Zerto Real-Time Encryption Detection

Zerto uses a unique inline signatureless approach to detect ransomware, leveraging our proprietary continuous data protection (CDP) engine.

Get a good understanding on how the Zerto Encryption Analyzer works over three main phases — Collection, Inspection and Reaction— and how organizations can leverage the detection analyses via Zerto's APIs to enhance their cybersecurity stack alongside EDRs, SIEMs, SOARs, or AI/ML toolsets.

Read this white paper and assess how you can strengthen your security posture while getting the lowest RPOs and fastest RTOs.