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The State of Data Protection for Kubernetes

Learn How to Protect Containerized Applications and Data 

How can you protect containers? Legacy backup solutions simply aren't adequate and leave your data vulnerable. Find answers to this modern dilemma in our white paper about data protection for Kubernetes, including: 

  • Container adoption and advantages 
  • The data protection challenges of containers 
  • Kubernetes disaster recovery 
  • Benefits of Zerto for Kubernetes 

Understand what’s at stake and what’s required to protect containerized applications and data. Read the white paper now. 

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What You Need to Know About Kubernetes Disaster Recovery and Data Protection 

What makes Kubernetes disaster recovery entirely different from protecting VMs and why does it matter? Container adoption is pervasive and accelerating, poised to become the preferred choice for production deployment. Yet many IT teams don’t have containerization strategies or knowledge to manage containers at scale and protect and recover their apps and data.  

Just as the cloud revolution led to massive shadow IT, the container revolution has the potential to lead to uncontrolled grassroots use of containers, leaving businesses to grapple with undesired side effects such as inadequate data protection. Kubernetes disaster recovery is fundamentally different from protecting VMs. If Kubernetes data protection isn’t done right, it could leave your organization exposed to costly data loss—or worse. 

Learn how Zerto can help you mitigate the challenges and risks of container protection and get the answers you need in our white paper. 

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Once container data protection challenges are understood, Zerto for Kubernetes becomes the obvious choice. Find out why by reading the white paper.