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Gorilla Guide Continuous Backup and Recovery eBook

In an era when business continuity has taken on renewed importance in the wake of the global pandemic and relentless cybersecurity threats, including ransomware attacks, doesn’t it seem a bit ironic—even perilous—that backups of our critical systems, applications, and data are still largely done the same way they’ve been done for the past three and a half decades? In many cases, backups are only performed periodically with incremental snapshots. But business leaders still seem somewhat unprepared for the risk of an outage or data loss that could cost the business millions of dollars.

This guide will help you recognize the perils of traditional backup solutions and introduce you to the future of data protection: continuous backup and recovery.

Inside the guide:

  • Addressing Traditional Backup and Recovery Challenges
  • Exploring Continuous Backup and Recovery with the Zerto Platform
  • Planning Your Journey: From A to Zerto

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