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The Future of Backup: From Periodic to Continuous

Is Traditional Backup Really a Thing of the Past? 

For as long as IT infrastructure has existed for businesses, an IT backup strategy has been an integral part. But traditional IT backup solutions aren’t keeping pace with modernization and digital transformation.  

So how can you protect your data? This free white paper explores the future of backup: 

  • The shortcomings of traditional backup technology 
  • Backup trends to consider 
  • The future of backup, recovery, and cloud 
  • The benefits of IT resilience 
  • The Zerto backup difference with continuous data protection 

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Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Mobility 

When it comes to the IT data backup currently protecting your data—one of your company’s most valuable assets—how much has changed over the last 35 years? Chances are that your process consists of backup virtual machines that, during off-peak hours, copy your data to a secondary backup location.  

But when you back up data off-site, how well does that technology actually work? When a disaster happens, are you poised for a speedy and effortless disaster recovery? If your off-site backup solution doesn’t offer continuous backup, it’s not providing continuous data protection. 

Continuous data backup is a fundamentally different and new technology sparking a growing shift—from recovery to availability, from restore to resume, from periodic to continuous.  

The future of IT backup solutions is here, in a single, easy-to-implement solution that provides continuous data backup, speedy disaster recovery, and seamless cloud mobility. Read more in our free white paper! 

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