Disaster Recovery and Data Protection with Zerto and Microsoft Azure - Zerto
Disaster Recovery and Data Protection with Zerto and Microsoft Azure

Embrace the Public Cloud Without Sacrificing the Security of Your Data 

Concerned about data security on the public cloud? Our guide explores the driving factors behind enterprise cloud adoption and covers the five things you need to know for a successful cloud strategy:  

  • Why the public cloud? 
  • How to get there safely 
  • IT resilience in the hybrid cloud 
  • How Zerto supports disaster recovery  
  • The power of Microsoft Azure and Zerto 

Explore how to upgrade your disaster recovery strategy with Zerto and Microsoft Azure—read our free guide today! 

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IT Resilience Enables You to Withstand Any Disruption and Focus on Business 

As organizations look to embrace the public cloud without compromising the security of their data and applications, they adopt a hybrid cloud strategy to efficiently deliver IT services. In this guide, you’ll find out how to withstand any disruption, embrace change confidently, keep your focus on business, and achieve true IT resilience. 

Combining Zerto and Microsoft Azure simplifies data protection and disaster recovery. Using Microsoft Azure as a recovery site adds infrastructure flexibility, minimizes cost, and delivers on-demand limitless capacity and scale when you need it. Zerto gives you industry-leading RPOs as well as fast and flexible workload migration to and from Azure and between Azure regions.  

Read our free guide to discover how Zerto for DRaaS with Microsoft Azure can future-proof your disaster recovery plan. 

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Our free guide has everything you need to know, from the big picture of migrating to the public cloud to details like the importance of RPOs. Start reading now!