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The 2024 Data Protection Buyers Guide

3 Steps to Smart Data Protection Every IT Leader Must Know

Buying the Wrong Data Protection Solution Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Your data protection strategy is designed to ensure your business operations can resume quickly after any disruption and that your data is recoverable. Your strategy can only be as good as the data protection solutions you choose to implement.

Whether your priorities are cyber resilience, disaster recovery, or backup and long-term retention, you cannot afford to approach the buying process uninformed about your unique needs. This guide will help you realize the need to:

  • Understand your data protection challenges
  • Research and document your requirements
  • Establish your data protection buying criteria

This guide is an essential tool in preparing to choose data protection solutions that meet today’s needs and that will continue to protect your data and business into the future.

And as a Bonus, at the end of the guide you'll find a very helpful checklist to make sure you are informed and prepared for your next buying decision.

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Be Prepared and Informed for Your Buying Decision

With attacks on data and uptime on the rise, cyber criminals have elevated the need for data protection higher than ever before. Being prepared to deal with traditional natural and man-made disasters is as important as ever in our 24/7/365 transactional world, but the steep rise in ransomware attacks that disrupt businesses and their data can be crippling to nearly every industry.  

Choosing the right data protection solutions that support your data protection strategy is vital to avoiding devastating disruptions in the future. Being able to make the right choice requires careful planning and consideration of the variety of capabilities available across disaster recovery, backup, and cyber recovery solutions on the market.

This guide is an essential tool in helping you think about and prepare for the buying process so that you can ask important questions and make informed decisions about what data protection solutions are right for you. There is no margin for error when it comes to protecting your organization from disruptions that could last weeks or months with the wrong solutions in place.