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5 Reasons to Switch from Rubrik to Zerto

Are You Using Rubrik or Evaluating Rubrik against Zerto for DR or Backup?

Is Rubrik your current backup solution? Are you comparing Rubrik to Zerto for DR or backup? Today’s IT strategies are dynamic and fast-paced and usually contain multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud adoption. Zerto’s software-only solution adapts to meet your current and future IT needs. Rubrik, however, requires hardware or appliances, which increases cost and limits flexibility. 

Review the datasheet to learn about the benefits Zerto brings to your DR and backup needs and how it compares to Rubrik. 

Get more information on the following: 

  • Snapshot-free continuous data protection (CDP) 
  • Consistent recovery for your applications 
  • Orchestration and automation 
  • Differences between Zerto and Rubrik 
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) with Zerto 

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Zerto vs. Rubrik - Competitive Comparison

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Are you comparing Rubrik to Zerto? If so, consider that Zerto is a software-only, low-overhead installation, while Rubrik requires on-premises hardware appliances. This drastically lowers overall TCO—Zerto can lower overall TCO by up to 54 percent more than hardware-based solutions.  

Zerto’s workflow and orchestration are built into the software to simplify failovers. This is not the case with Rubrik, whose orchestration is limited and can only be used in certain scenarios.


Rubrik primarily uses snapshot technology, which may cause disruptions and delivers RPOs of hours from disaster. Contrast this with Zerto’s block-level replication, which delivers RPOs of seconds with no disruption at all. 

Interested in learning more about Zerto’s advantages over Rubrik? Check out this comparison to learn about the importance of: 

  • CDP, backup and recovery, scalability, and ease of use when choosing a solution  
  • Software-only solution not dependent upon hardware appliances  
  • Granular, consistent backup and recovery 

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