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ZVM0002 – Zerto virtual manager is not connected to VRA

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There could be a few causes to this alert, VRA powered off, Zerto service not running and communication issue. An alert will show up informing about a connectivity issue between the ZVM and the local VRA.


Please perform the following steps:
1. Verify that the relevant VRA is powered on and open a console to the VRA VM and make sure it's up and running.
2. Check that the Zerto service is running on the ZVM VM.
3. Check that ping is working from the ZVM VM to the relevant VRA.
4. Check that telnet on port 4005, 4006 and 4009 is working.
5. Edit the VRA and confirm DHCP is not in use as DHCP is not recommended for VRAs as IP addresses may be contested over. Set to Static IP and save the change.

If the above steps didn't solve the issue, please contact Zerto support.