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Error: “Register vCenter plug-in Failed to un register plug-in” When Upgrading ZVM

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An administrator may receive an error when upgrading a ZVM regarding the vCenter plug-in.

Root Cause

The most common cause for this is insufficient permissions regarding the user that is configured with Zerto.


ZVM upgrade fails with error:

Register vCenter plug-in Failed to un register plug-in


Verify that the permissions and credentials for the user configured in Zerto are valid. You can do so by:

  1. Login to the ZVM VM. 

  2. Open the Zerto Diagnostic Utility.

  3. Choose 'Zerto reconfigure tool'. 

  4. Review the settings and reach the last step which is the validation. If the user credentials are wrong, the Validation will fail (no need to run the reconfigure process if it's successful).

To learn more about the reconfigure process and it's implications, please review the reconfigure wizard KB. 

If the above does not resolve the issue, kindly engage Zerto Support.