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Problem ZertoTools for Windows/Linux does not Install or Operate Properly

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An administrator, after executing Zerto Tools on a given protected VM, is not able to reach a recovery VM after a Recovery Operation such as Failover or Move.

Root Cause

ZertoTools for Windows/Linux installation was executed on a non-boot disk. This must be installed on the boot disk of the VM to ensure the tool can work properly on boot of the Operating System during a Recovery Operation. Otherwise, drivers will be missing at boot time.


When running the Zertotools.bat on a Windows VM, the folder in C:\ProgramData\ZertoTools is created but is empty.

Additionally, attempting a Failover or Move afterwards would result in an instance booting in AWS that is not accessible.


To resolve this issue, re-run the Zerto Tools installation script on the boot drive of the protected VM. Once this is done, attempt the Recovery Operation of choice once more.