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Error: “Zerto Element not found Exception from hresult 0x80070490” when Attempting Install/Upgrade of a ZVM

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An administrator may come across a strange error when attempting to install or upgrade a ZVM.

Root Cause

There are three potential causes:

  1. Installer was not executed "as administrator".

  2. The installer itself is corrupt/checksum does not match.

  3. Antivirus does not properly whitelist all Zerto directory locations/the installer.


When attempting an install/upgrade of a ZVM, the installer fails with the below error:

Zerto element not found exception from hresult 0x80070490


To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure the proper directory/folders for Zerto are whitelisted by any antivirus or malware scans as stated in the Zerto Virtual Manager vSphere Administrative Guide, section Accessing the Zerto User Interface.

  2. Confirm the checksum of the installer matches that of the checksum on MyZerto. If it does not match, re-download the installer and try again.

  3. Ensure each execution of the installer is done by right-clicking on the installer executable and selecting "Run as Administrator".