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FTN-20190722: vSAN Storage on Recovery Sites and Zerto

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When using VMware vSAN storage for recovery site storage with Zerto, the disks on the recovery site can appear to be missing. 
This is expected behavior. 
Zerto recommends customers review VMware’s Knowledge Base article before freeing up space on the recovery storage.

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All Users Using VMware vSAN Storage



Customers using vSAN in the recovery site may want to free up some space on the storage by cleaning unused disks.  One popular method is to look for volumes in the vSAN storage in which their corresponding descriptor files are pointing to a path which does not exist and are marked as ‘Missing’, then remove them using the objtool.

When Zerto is used to protect VMs with vSAN storage on the recovery site, Zerto’s failover and move operations result in disks being moved between Namespaces.  vSAN does not move descriptor files between namespace directories.  Before removing any disks that appear to be missing, the recommendations in VMware’s Knowledge Base article need to be followed to avoid impacting any recovery disks in use by Zerto.

Actions to take

Zerto strongly recommends that customers review VMware’s Knowledge Base article before clearing any storage on a Zerto recovery site using VMware vSAN storage.

See Also

VMware’s Knowledge Base article on moving vSAN VMDKs from one Namespace folder to another: