VMs Cannot Be Replicated by Zerto and a Third-party Product Simultaneously

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Third Party Replication Solutions Cannot be used to Protect VMs Simultaneously with Zerto.


The use of third-party data replication products such as EMC RecoverPoint will interfere with the proper functionality of Zerto Virtual Replication by locking the virtual disks or VMDK files of protected virtual machines.
This will cause them to not be available to Zerto to be protected through replication if the other replication product is replicating their data at the same time. 

Customers therefore must only use Zerto for replication in the same environment.

Products that do not use a replication framework but rather a snapshot-based mechanism such as Veeam will not interfere.
However, Veeam backup jobs running at certain times may cause RPO spikes with Zerto due to increased network bandwidth usage then. 

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Affected Versions:
Zerto 7 and above.


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