VM is in a locked state or manage by Zerto

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When doing a failover test and the testing recovery VM is still showing within the DR site vCenter even though the test is over. You try to delete it or remove it from inventory but the option is greyed out or a message states " Managed by Zerto".

The background task from Zerto to vCenter didn't complete fully when vCenter was trying to remove the VM.


Please follow these steps:

  1. Download EnableVm.zip: https://zerto.sharepoint.com/:u:/s/WWSupport/Eca03_NvYPpPsKCqSq-C0uIB4U96MDKY7ejRyVHgLtkdUg?e=pGKUh1
  2. Extract the file to the ZVR directory on the ZVM
  3. Within the EnableVM folder, please locate the enablevm.exe (have the command prompt in administrator)
  4. Please run the following command: EnableVM <VC IP> < VCadmin user> <VM moref>   (VM moref" is e.g. vm-123)
  5. Please make sure to use FQDN "administrator@vsphere.local" 

The tool will ask you for the password with which to connect to the vCenter, and it should then unlock the VM. 

--------To obtain the Moref ID of the VM--------

1. Navigate to https://vcenterIP/mob 

2. Login with admin credentials 

3. Click the "Content" link under the value for the "content" property 

4. Click the "group" link under the value for the "rootFolder" property 

5. Click the relevant "datacenter" link under the value for the "childEntity" property 

6. Click the relevant "group" link under the value for the "hostFolder" property 

7. Click the "domain" link for the relevant cluster (or standalone host) under the value for the "childEntity" property 

8. Check the values for the "host" property - the relevant hosts will be listed there along with their MoRefs. 



Another way, that might be easier to find the VM moref: 

1. Navigate to vCenter web-client. 

2. Click VMs and Templates. 

3. Click once on the wanted VM. 

4. On the browser's address-bar, in the end of the URL, you can find "....vm-###~.." 

The number appearing after "vm-.." is the VM's MoRef. 


If further assistance is required, please contact Zerto Support

Affected Versions:
5.0 and above


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