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Problem with VM in a Locked State or Managed by Zerto

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An administrator may see post-Failover Test cleanup that the "testing recovery" VM remains in the Recovery Site and cannot be deleted.

Root Cause

The background task from Zerto in vCenter did not complete fully when vCenter was trying to remove the VM.


After stopping a Failover Test, the testing recovery VM is still showing within the Recovery Site even though the test has been closed and cleaned up.

Attempts to delete or remove the VM from inventory is not possible as the option is greyed out.


To unlock the testing recovery VM to furthermore be removed, follow the below steps:

  1. Download EnableVm from myZerto.
  2. Extract the file to the ZVR directory on the Recovery Site ZVM.
  3. Within the EnableVM folder, locate the enablevm.exe (have the command prompt in administrator).
  4. Run the following command: 
    1. EnableVM <VC IP> < VCadmin user> <VM moref>   (where VM moref looks like vm-12345).
  5. Ensure to use FQDN "administrator@vsphere.local". 
  6. The tool will ask you for the password with which to connect to the vCenter, and it should then unlock the VM.
  7. Once the VM is unlocked, attempt to remove the VM once more.