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Setting Up a Proxy With Zerto

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Using a proxy requires setting the ZVM’s operating system to send/receive internet traffic through a proxy.  


Note: Authenticated proxy is not supported. Therefore, the user running the ZVM service must have full permissions on the proxy server. The user should not need a username/password combination in order to access the internet.  

To set up a proxy with Zerto: 

  1. Open an elevated command prompt on the ZVM machine in question, and use the Microsoft Bitsadmin tool per Microsoft's TechNet article:  (please note that this is an official Microsoft article and is not related to Zerto) 
  2. Use the following syntax from the article:  bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY <proxy list> <bypass list>
    For example, a proxy with address, will need to run  the following command: bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY NULL 
  3. It may be necessary to modify the command arguments above to accommodate certain environmental variables to something as the following which changes the parameters from https to http and also white lists the local vCenter.  One or both may be necessary.  This may be applicable to environments with a Cloud License which must communicate to Zerto servers for Call Home data.
bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY<venterIP>;<vCenterDomain>