Setting Up a Proxy With Zerto

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Using a proxy requires setting the ZVM’s operating system to send/receive internet traffic through a proxy.  


Note: Authenticated proxy is not supported. Therefore, the user running the ZVM service must have full permissions on the proxy server. The user should not need a username/password combination in order to access the internet.  

To set up a proxy with Zerto: 

  1. Open an elevated command prompt on the ZVM machine in question, and use the Microsoft Bitsadmin tool per Microsoft's TechNet article:  (please note that this is an official Microsoft article and is not related to Zerto) 
  2. Use the following syntax from the article:  bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY <proxy list> <bypass list>
    For example, a proxy with address, will need to run  the following command: bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY NULL 


Affected Versions:
All versions


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