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Problem: RE-IP Will Be Executed Upon Failover When The Recovery VM Wants To Keep The Same Static IP As The Source VM’s

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Root Cause

In order to set the exact same static IP on the recovery site during FOL/FOT/Move, we must initiate the RE-IP script on the recovered VM during the failover. In order to keep the same static IP the production VM posses, the RE-IP script must run on the recovered VM and set it to the same static IP.


You may notice that RE-IP is executed even though no RE-IP settings are configured for the VPG.


To avoid RE-IP, set the recovery NIC settings in the VPG to use DHCP.

1. Click "Edit VPG" and go to the "NICs" tab;

2. Find "Change vNIC IP Configuration?" setting and select "DHCP";

More details can be found here: