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Problem with Zerto Recovery Operations Failing after Rebooting Hyper-V Host Running SCVMM Server

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An administrator may experience Recovery Operation failures after rebooting the Hyper-V host that is hosting the SCVMM server.

Root Cause

The configuration of the VM running the SCVMM server is hosted on a Hyper-V host which is gracefully shut down/rebooted. The 'Automatic Stop Action' in the VM's configuration is set to 'Save the virtual machine state', which leads to an issue where changes initiated to VMs through SCVMM do not reflect back to SCVMM or Zerto after being completed. This means that operations, such as attaching disks to a VM, appear to succeed but the disk does not show up in the VM's SCVMM configuration.


After performing a graceful shutdown/reboot of the Hyper-V host running the SCVMM server, some Zerto operations (i.e. FOT/FOL/Move before commit into SCVMM environment) fail.  


There are two workaround options that can be taken:

  1. If the VM running the SCVMM is running on a Hyper-V host which is part of a cluster, configure high-availability for the VM such that it's automatically migrated to another Hyper-V host if the current host is shut down/rebooted.

  2. If the Hyper-V environment has a single host, such that a high-availability configuration is not possible, Zerto recommends changing the 'Automatic Stop Action' for the SCVMM VM to 'Turn Off the virtual machine', as per this article.