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Problem with VRA Shutting Down Per Maintenance Mode Handling While Host Is Not Current in or Entering Maintenance Mode

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This article covers a scenario in which the VRA is reported to shut down based on the event of a host entering maintenance mode, but the host involved is currently not in maintenance mode.

Root Cause

Whenever a ZVM disconnects from VCenter, it fetches all history of events that occurred on that VCenter server and does not persist the last event version that was handled.

Therefore, if a Maintenance Mode event happened during the history period of this particular fetch, it will be handled upon re-connection to VCenter.


A VRA will power cycle with the following events:

-EV0072: The host is entering maintenance mode. The VRA on the host will wait for the protected virtual machines to be vMotioned or up to 10 minutes, whichever occurs first, before shutting down automatically.

-EV0073: The host is exiting maintenance mode

vCenter logs will not show any maintenance mode for the associated host during the timeframe of the above Zerto alerts.



1. Please follow VMware KB -> There is an attribute that this KB mentions called 'TaskMaxAgeInDays'. Simply set this attribute to an amount of days back from execution of this workaround you would like to keep and follow the KB to execute said script. This should remove the stale entries regarding Maintenance Mode that are past X amount of days. Thus, the VRA should not be powered down for this reason moving forward.

2. If the ZVM and vCenter are continuously disconnecting, which would trigger this issue, this should be reviewed as well.