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Problem with VPG Creation/Edit Fails After 30 Minutes When Creating Thick Provisioned Recovery VMDK

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An administrator may experience when creating a VPG or adding a VM to a VPG that a timeout is seen when trying to create a recovery VMDK on the recovery site.

Root Cause

If creating the thick provisioned recovery volume takes longer than 30 minutes, VPG creation or VM protection will fail due to a timeout on the vCenter task of creating the volume.  The larger the volume vCenter has to create, the longer the task in vCenter will take.  Creation of thick provisioned volumes takes longer than thin provisioned volumes.  As a result, this is more likely to happen when creating thick provisioned recovery volumes of substantial size.


During creation of a recovery volume, the ZVM is awaiting a response from VMWare to indicate creation of this volume has completed.  By default, the timeout for this is 30 minutes.  This 30 minute timeout may be exceeded when creating large thick provisioned VMDKs on the recovery site.


There are three potential workaround options for this issue:

  1. Select the Thin option during VPG creation to ensure a thin provisioned recovery volume is created

  2. Engage Zerto Support to configure a tweak to raise the timeout upwards to allow VCenter the time necessary to create the thick provisioned VMDK

  3. Restructure the disk layout on the VM in question if possible. Spread data across multiple, smaller VMDKs.