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Problem with Recovery Network not Available in Drop Down List When Creating/Editing a VPG

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An administrator is not able to find a recovery site network for selection in a Create/Edit VPG wizard.

Root Cause

When choosing to replicate to a resource pool or a cluster, in the Failover/Failover Test Network dropdown list, the user will only have access to networks that are exposed to all of the hosts on the cluster/RP.

In the event that one of the hosts on the cluster/RP is either powered off, in maintenance mode, or not exposed to a recovery network, then that network would not appear on the VPG's dropdown.


When creating or editing a VPG, certain networks configured on the recovery site are not available on the dropdown list when editing the Failover Network and Failover Test Network.


To resolve this issue, follow one of the steps below:

  1. Replicate to a specific host instead of a Resource Pool or Cluster.
  2. Make sure that all hosts in the Cluster/RP are powered on and are not in maintenance mode.
  3. Make sure that all the hosts in the Cluster/RP are exposed to the relevant recovery network.