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Problem with EnableVM Unable to Unlock VM for Administrative Use Outside of Zerto

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An administrator may find a recovery VM created by a Zerto Recovery Operation is locked and cannot be modified/removed. Moreover, EnableVM tool that typically unlocks such VMs is failing to unlock the VM.

Root Cause

Zerto disables 8 methods in vCenter database for recovery VMs before a VPG Failover/Move is committed or a Failover Test is stopped.

Those methods are:
 | vim.ManagedEntity.destroy        
 | vim.VirtualMachine.clone              
 | vim.VirtualMachine.createSnapshot        
 | vim.VirtualMachine.migrate               
 | vim.VirtualMachine.relocate             
 | vim.VirtualMachine.removeAllSnapshots    
 | vim.VirtualMachine.revertToCurrentSnapshot 
 | vim.VirtualMachine.unregister


As part of a Recovery Operation in Zerto, a recovery VM cannot be removed from vCenter as the options are grayed out.

EnableVM is ran to try and unlock the VM, however it fails to do so even though the script appears to be successful.


To resolve this issue, follow this VMware KB, in particular the solution steps in section "Manually remove entries from the vCenter Server database/Appliance vPostgres database", depending on the configuration of the vCenter server.