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Pairing Sites Through A ZCC With Routable Networks Fails

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The pairing of the Protected Site to the Org NIC of a ZCC will fail when the networks are not isolated, typically for an exception stating "Trying to pair to itself" as shown below:

Unhandled exception,"Zerto.Zvm.Common.SiteControllerException Void Validate(Zerto.Zvm.Common.SiteControl.SiteIdentifier, Zerto.Zvm.Common.SiteControl.SiteConfiguration) Zerto.Zvm.Common.SiteControllerException: Trying to pair to itself

Note that this scenario occurs when the two networks on either site are routable via proxy, NAT, etc.
**Currently this is not a supported setup when utilizing a ZCC.**



There are two options to resolve this pairing issue:
  • Move forward with an ICDR setup by removing the ZCC and pairing directly to the Recovery ZVM from the Protected ZVM.

  • Remove any proxy, NAT, etc. that would route the networks together. This will isolate the networks and should allow for the pairing from Protected ZVM to Org NIC on the ZCC.