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Problem with Missing Datastores when Creating VPG to Replicate to vCloud Site

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An administrator my notice missing datastores to select when creating a VPG to VCD, yet the ZORG is configured properly.

Root Cause

In order for a datastore to appear in the Zerto GUI, every host in the cluster assigned to the VPG must have that datastore attached. If any hosts in that cluster, even ones without VPG's installed or in maintenance mode, do not have a datastore attached, it will not appear.


  • When creating/editing VPG, some/all expected datastores are missing from list.

  • Correct ZORG and Resource Pool are selected, and all appropriate datastores are assigned to ZORG vCenter resources.


There are two possible ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Attach the missing datastore to any/all hosts which do not have it attached currently.

  2. Remove the hosts which are missing the datastore from the cluster.