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How to use Zerto Planner

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ZertoAnalytics includes the Zerto Resource Planner.

A resource planning capability that performs continuous monitoring and analysis to determine the required storage and networking resources for your data protection.


In addition, it provides a recommendation for the required number of ZCAs when replicating to Azure.
Analysis can be performed for any or all VMs within your VMware environment. This capability uses data collected from VMware sites and does not require a new installation or license.

The planning capability delivers visibility and forecasting into:

  • Zerto protected VMs from vSphere to a public cloud.
  • Zerto protected VMs from vSphere to an on-premise site.
  • The cost-benefit analysis between deciding whether to protect VMs on-premises or in the public cloud.

The resource Planning capability provides overall sizing recommendations, including the number of ZCAs, WAN, Total Journal Size, and Total Recovery Disk Size.

It also includes VM configuration details (CPU, RAM, and Total Size) collected from vCenter, per VM calculated performance counters (Avg. Throughput, Avg. IOPS) and the Required Journal Size estimation per VM.


The Steps below are summarized in the following Demo video

To begin planning your data protection:
1. login to myZerto and navigate to Zerto analytics.
2. Click on the Planning tab;

3.Click on the VM selection button –

4. Select the desired source site.
Out of the monitored VMs list, pick the VMs to be included in the planning report by checking their checkbox and clicking on the right arrow.
Please note both protected and unprotected VMs can be selected. VMs from multiple source sites can be selected in one report.

5. Specify what will be the platform type of the target recovery site – Azure, AWS, Hyper-V, vCenter.
6. Click Save; The planning view is displayed. Data showing overall sizing requirement, Total average throughput, and total average IOPS are available.