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How to Use an Existing Resource Group for the Storage Account Used by a ZCA

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The default option during the Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA) installation is to create a new storage account to be used for the storage of journal and recovery disk data. This option also creates a new resource group, which the storage account is placed into. A customer may wish to use their own resource group to manage the storage account, instead of a new resource group.


Instead of using the default option during ZCA installation which automatically creates a new storage account, a customer can manually create a storage account prior to ZCA installation and choose which resource group to place this into. During installation, the existing storage account can be selected.


  1. The account is a GPv1 storage account. GPv2 storage is not supported for the ZCA, due to the high number of read and write transactions generated by the ZCA, and the high costs of these transactions.

  2. The storage account cannot be moved to a different resource group following the completion of ZCA installation.

  3. If the ZCA is uninstalled, then the storage account can be moved to a different resource group before reinstallation.


The use of an existing resource group is only available for the storage account used by the ZCA to store journal and recovery disk data. Zerto will create new resource groups to store snapshots when replicating out of Azure, to store the scale set VMs, and to store the VMs created as part of a test failover, live failover or move (1 per VPG).