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How to Upgrade Zerto when Using External SQL Server with Always On Enabled

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While Zerto's ZVM can operate from an external database and is placed in an Always On Availability Group with Synchronous-commit Mode (Asynchronous-commit Mode is currently not supported), upgrades being performed prior to version 8.5 with this configuration is not supported.

See the latest Interoperability Matrix for more details. Synchronous-commit Mode is supported starting in 8.5, but Asynchronous-commit Mode is not supported.


Prior to attempting a ZVM Install/Upgrade with the above mentioned configuration prior to Zerto version 8.5, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Change the connection string within the storage_properties.xml file found within Zerto's installation folder from a Listener IP to an SQL node IP. This string is found under "m_server". Note: Make sure to copy the current value of "m_server" first as it will need to be reverted afterwards.
  2. Delete/Remove Always On configuration.
  3. Perform the install/upgrade as normal.
  4. Re-define Always On configuration.
  5. Change the connection string from Step 1 above back to the original value which should be the Listener IP.