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How to Understand Support for vSphere Auto Deploy with Zerto

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An administrator may wish to know further details on Zerto supporting vSphere's Auto Deploy feature.


What is Zerto's official interoperability statement on vSphere Auto Deploy?
Zerto does not directly integrate with Auto Deploy. However, customers can absolutely install VRAs on the hosts once they have been deployed.

Is there a way for a customer to automate VRA deployment?
Yes. The ZVR API provides commands for VRA deployment.
This Zerto webinar provides more details, including a link to our API whitepaper: 

Is vSphere Auto Deploy natively supported? | Is Zerto “integrated” with Auto Deploy?
Any host deployed by Auto Deploy would be visible to ZVR once it shows as registered in vCenter. You could then script a VRA installation using the API. However, ZVR doesn't automatically deploy VRA onto hosts deployed through Auto Deploy and we don't have a “package” that can be added to a Host Profile or Host Image for use by vSphere Auto Deploy.

Does Zerto support Stateless ESXi?
We use vSphere Auto Deploy in order to deploy stateless ESXi for testing in our own labs Stateless ESXi hosts are supported by Zerto. Note Stateless ESXi does not mean that the ESX does not have a state, but that the state isn’t physically stored on the physical host but rather on a centralized entity. 

How does ZVR react to stateless ESXi hosts coming online?
When a stateless ESXi host boots, it does not automatically reload the Zerto host component (IO filter) because it is stateless. The ZVM detects this and automatically resolves the issue after approximately 5 minutes.

Any common issues with ZVR and vSphere Auto Deploy?
“I'm in a vSphere Auto Deploy environment and it seems each time I reboot a host the VRA on this host generates an alert: ZVM is not connected to VRA with IP”
Auto Deploy is most likely missing the SSH public key for the root account.
Adding the SSH public key to the root account profile resolves this issue. 

Is there a reference case that says “Yes someone is doing this?“
The MyZerto Forums contain comments from Zerto customers using Auto deploy. For example