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How to Protect and Recover a Zerto ZCA in Azure

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If a ZCA is destroyed or it is not functioning and cannot be repaired, then recovery to Azure cannot be performed.


  1. The ZCA is configured to use a local database (default configuration) and not an external SQL server (advanced configuration).
  2. The Windows server hosting the ZCA is configured to use a single disk that contains both the OS and the Zerto installation.
  3. The ZCA is installed on an Azure VM that is using managed disks



  • An Azure managed disk snapshot can be taken of the disk used by the Windows Server hosting the ZCA in order to protect the server and the Zerto application. The disk snapshot can be used to restore the ZCA and resume replication or recover protected VMs.
  • An Azure managed disk snapshot can be created manually, or the process can be automated.
  • If you wish to automate the managed disk snapshot creation process, then please refer to examples provided in the Microsoft Azure code sample repository: or TechNet example (soon to be retired):
  • The checkpoint data used during failover is stored in a database on the ZCA. Following recovery of the ZCA, only the checkpoints that were stored in the database at the time of the disk snapshot will be available plus any new checkpoints created following restoration and reconnection to paired sites. Example: If an RPO of 30 minutes is required following restoration, then a snapshot must be taken every 30 minutes or less.