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How to open and manage support cases

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In the KB below we will explain on how to open a new support cases and manage existing cases through myZerto portal


  1. Navigate to the Support & Downloads page on the myZerto portal at
  2. Click Open a case
  3. Choose one of the following categories:
    1. Administrative – cases regarding supportive tools such as the myZerto portal, Zerto university, and licensing issues.
    2. Planned event– should be used when you wish to notify us about an activity that will take place in the FUTURE such as a major upgrade or migration.
    3. SaaS– cases related to Zerto analytics, cloud control, and the Zerto mobile app.
    4. ZVR – cases regarding the product itself, and the customer’s environment including:
      • Deployment and upgrade
      • Pairing issues
      • Issues regarding VPGs
      • Journal alerts or settings
      • Questions about / issues arising during ongoing recovery operations: FOV live. FOV test, migration, move
      • Alerts and issues of the different Zerto components (ZVM, VRA. ZCM, ZCC, ZCA)
      • Other general questions on reports, automation, compatibility, etc.
  4. You will be required to fill out details relevant to your case regarding your environment and issue you are experiencing and chose a severity that will determine the SLA of the case:
  1. If you wish to open the case on behalf of another user you are able to do so by checking the box:

This feature will enable you to open cases on behalf of other users from the same account as you.

In order to update an existing case you can use one of two options:
  1. Using the myZerto portal:
    1. Navigate to Support & Downloads > Manage cases
    2. Choose the case you would like to update
    3. Click Add comment
  2. Replying to the email notification that was sent to when the case was opened or recently updated will update the case automatically.

For further useful information regarding support options and managing support cases please view the following KBs:
  1. Adding contacts to the case -
  2. Engaging support management – using this option will send a massage directly to support management.
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