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How to Install zPlanner

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Zerto Planner can help the customers get an estimate of the resources needed for replication.


How to install:
  1. Download Latest Install Binaries From MyZerto.
  2. Install Into Customers vCenter Environment.
  3. Configure Zerto - There Is No Need To Install VRA’s Just The ZVM.
  4. For Licencing Please Contact Your Account Team For A Trial Licence.
  5. Let The ZVM Run And Collect Statistics And Data 
  1. Once Zerto Is Reporting To Analytics, Wait For Desired Period Of Time – The Longer you Leave The ZVM  The more Accurate The Data Will Become.
  2. Log Into a Zerto Analytics Using Your Normal Account.
  3. Navigate To Planner Tab.
  4. Select “VM Selection” Button.
  5. Select Source Site From Dropdown List.
  6. Select Which VM’s The Customer Requires For Zerto Planning.
  7. Choose Target Platform From Dropdown List.
  8. Click Save To See Results
  1. Bandwidth –Average Bandwidth Requirements To Replicate.
  2. Total Journal Size – Total Size Of Journal Files For 24hr Period.
  3. Recovery Disk Size – Total Size of Recovery Disks To Be Stored.
  4. ZCA* - The Number of ZCA Recommended for The Customer For Public Cloud Environments