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How to Ensure Bitmap Sync Instead of Delta Sync For Reverse Replication When Performing a “Move” Operation

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An administrator may want to speed up the process of Reverse Replication after a migration/move has been completed. This is now possible in Zerto version 8.0 with some requirements.


Currently, this feature is only supported on VC/VCD -> VC/VCD environments running Zerto version 8.0 on both sites. There is no backward compatibility so both ZVMs and all VRAs must be on at least 8.0.

Also, the following conditions must be met in order for Bitmap sync to be initiated instead of a Delta sync:

  • Protected VMs that were powered on during Move Before Commit, will perform a delta sync

  • VMs that migrated to another host during Move Before Commit, will perform a delta sync.

  • If Keep Source VMs was checked, all VMs will perform delta syncs.

The results of the Move operation can be seen in the Events & Alerts window of the Zerto GUI and as well in Analytics. Information will be provided on why Delta sync has been performed instead of Bitmap sync and on what VM as necessary.