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How to customize Zerto alerts notifications

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Using Zerto Analytics alert notifications settings, you can modify notification settings based on alert type, severity, andfrequency.
This feature replaces older alarm customization methods based on VMware alarms.
Information regarding Zerto Alarms, Alerts, and Events can be found in the following link.
Make sure you are familiar with alarms, alerts, and events description and significance when customizing notifications.


The following demo video covers all the steps below

To enable Alert Notifications, you must have all your ZVM sites transmit data to Zerto analytics:
  1. This does not apply to CSP/MST accounts as they do not have control of the DRaaS machines.
  2. Re-enforcing a site to transmit data to Zerto Analytics will no be enforced if the site stops transmitting data.
  3. Alerts Notifications is support from Zerto v7.0.
  4. Alerts are configured per user – you cannot set alerts for other users.
  5. Acknowledging an alerts through the ZVM triggers a “Resolved” e-mail to be sent to the user, however, the alert is still active.

Accessing Alerts Setting
  1. login to myZerto and navigate to Zerto analytics.
  2. Use either the Analytics drop-down menu or Zerto analytics monitoring page to access the Alert notification settings.

  1. Alerts notification settings will appear
  1. Navigating the general tab:
Upper right corner e-mail address:
    1. Your user is your MyZerto E-mail address
    2. Your MyZerto email address must match the one used to log into Zerto Analytics.
    3. Tosend alerts to a dedicated distribution list, you can configure a new MyZerto account using the distribution list email address.
Enable notifications:
  1. To maintain a reliable alerts engine, alerts will only be sent to sites that transmit data to Zerto Analytics. If a site does not transmit data, an alert will not be sent even if that site is connected to a peer site that transmits data.
  2. Enable/disable e-mail forwarding for alert notifications.
  3. Alert notification is defined per user.
Alerts severity:

You can enable and disable alert notifications by severity. For example, disabling Errors will stop alerts of that type from being sent.
Alerts frequency:
  1. Do not send the same alert again for: Select this to stop the same alert type/severity/status being sent repeatedly within the selected time frame.
  2. Send notifications when alerts are resolved: selected by defaults. You will receive e-mail notifications instead of alerts.
Test alert notification:
  1. You can validate Test Alert Notifications by sending a test email to your myZerto email address.
  2. Note: you only have 5 attempts per minute to send a test e-mail
  1. Navigating the Alerts type tab:
A list of all the Zerto alert types is displayed. You can enable and disable alert notifications in the Severity column