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How to Confirm if a VM Size is Supported When Recovering to Azure

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When preparing to create a VPG, an administrator may need to know what VM Sizes can be used when replicating and recovering to Azure.


To confirm a VM Size is supported in Azure, follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to the Azure portal and verify the list of VM Sizes available in the region used by the ZCA.

  2. Start the New VPG process by logging on to the ZVM web interface, click on VPGs on the left, then click on the plus symbol in the upper right corner.

  3. Progress through the New VPG process until you reach the Recovery step, then select the Recovery Disk Type you plan to use.

  4. Once the Recovery Disk Type is selected, the relevant VM Series and VM Sized can be viewed.

  5. Check this list against the list of VM Sizes as collected in step 1.

NOTE: Zerto does not document this list, and each version of Zerto uses a different list of VM Sizes. The list is static and is updated as a part of each new release of Zerto as Microsoft releases new VM series. Since the VM Sizes list is static, it is possible that a VM Size can be selected when creating a VPG, but is not available in the Azure region used for replication and recovery.