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How to collect Zerto Virtual Manager installation log files

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How to collect a log bundle when Zerto Virtual Manager installation fails. A user may need to collect this log bundle for Zerto support to troubleshoot and resolve the installation.


Before opening a Support case please gather the following diagnostic information to assist with analysis: 

1. RDP or connect to the ZVM experiencing the installation 
2. Open Windows Explorer
3. Locate the following files: 

4. In addition to these log files please also check to see if the following files are located in the C:\ProgramData\Zerto\InstallLog directory: 

5. Once the necessary information has been collected, please place these into a folder and then Zip the folder. 
6. Manually upload the Zip file to the Zerto FTP server. For instructions on this please reference the following KB (
6a. If uploading files is not supported in your environment, open a support ticket (step 7) and ask for a sharepoint link to upload the log bundle. 
7. When creating the Support case please reference the Zip files name in the case