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How to Collect Logs From a Disconnected VRA

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Collecting logs from a VRA can fail due to various reasons. A common one is that the VraMain service is crashing but this does not mean that the VRA is unreachable over SSH.

There is a script available that can collect VRA logs as long as there is an SSH connection available to the VRA.


The script should be run from the ZVM managing the relevant VRAs.

In order to collect logs from all VRAs, run the script and enter the username and password of a user with at least viewer privileges. The script will pull all VRA IPs in this site into a file and collect logs from all VRAs available from the list of IPs.

If you wish to collect logs from a subset of VRAs, create a txt file called 'IPs.txt' and enter the IP addresses in this file, one IP on each line. For example:

In both scenarios after the collection finished, each bundle is named <vraip>.tar.gz and will be zipped into

The script can be downloaded here.

An example video can be found here.