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How to check why my site is not showing in the Zerto planner

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When we are prompted to select "source site" there are few sites missing for the drop-down options, or they may be no option to choose from.

This Knowledge will help you determine the reason for your site to not show up at the drop-down menu.


In case one of the sites is not showing up in Zerto Planner, verify the following:

1. ZVM version – Zerto versions 7.0U1 or above are supported. If the missing site is running a lower version it will not be shown. 
we will suggest upgrading your ZVM, and you can follow our upgrade best practice documentation to do so.

2. Site hypervisor – planning data will be available for VMware sites only (Zerto uses data collected from VMware sites).

3. ZVM settings – please make sure the “Enable Zerto SaaS application including Zerto Analytics, Cloud Control and Mobile app” Checkbox is selected. The checkbox is accessed from the ZVM GUI application under settingsà about.
*Please note, this checkbox needs to be marked for each site you are expecting to view at the Zerto planner.

4. Network connectivity – Verify the connection between the ZVM machine and Zerto analytics Servers is valid:

  • Download a REST API client on the ZVM machine (for example Postman or Insomnia are 2 free API clients available to download from the internet)
  • Create a new PUT request with no body nor headers while setting the URL to ‘
  • Send the request
  • You should see a ‘Success!’ message along with a timestamp indicating a successful connection between the ZVM and Zerto Analytics servers.
In case you don't get a "Success!" message we would suggest contacting your network team to look into it.

5. Proxy – in case you are using a proxy please see:

6. In case the issue is not resolved by the above-mentioned steps please open a support ticket and provide Zerto support with:

  • Screenshots showing steps 1-5
  • Name of the missing site
  • License key that in use in the missing site
  • E-mail address for myZerto login